Anna Rochefort
Anna Rochefort
Name in Japanese アンナ
Rōmaji Translation An'na
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Eri Kitamura
Voice Actor (English) Brittney Karbowski
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Anna Rochefort (アンナ An'na?) is D'Eon's childhood friend and fiancée. She looks after Dauphin Auguste (Prince Louis XVI), who sees her as a cross between elder sister and mother. Anna is described as the only person to give D'Eon tremendous love and unrestrained devotion. 


Near the end of the series Anna witnesses King Louis XV with the dead body of Queen Marie. Louis then kills Anna as well, since she had seen his crime.

Creation and Conception Anna's hairstyles are based on Brigitte Bardot's.[1]


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