Name in Japanese ベル
Rōmaji Translation Beru
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Misato Fukuen
Voice Actor (English) Hilary Haag
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Marquise de Pompadour (mother)
Status Deceased

Belle (ベル Beru?) is the mysterious talking skull with NQM carved on its forehead. Belle is kept in the company of Queen Marie, and inquires endlessly about her mother, whom the Queen has promised to reunite with Belle when the time is right.

It's revealed that Belle's mother is actually Lady Pompadour's, and possibly king Louis's, daughter. Lady Pompadour is also the reason her daughter is dead as she strangled her neck to kill her.

Lady Pompadour possibly killed her because king Louis might have ordered her to do it as Belle would have become a threat since she is also his daughter and could threaten his and queen Marie's son's position as future ruler with the possibility that Belle, the illegitimate daughter of king Louis and his mistress in the palace, could become queen. To make sure his son's inheritance to the throne is secure with no threats of competition and avoid panic among the people with who will be the next ruler of France, Louis could have ordered Belle's death.

Lady Pompadour deeply regrets killing her daughter, and told Belle she had no choice and it was for the sake of France.