Name in Japanese カロン
Rōmaji Translation Karon
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hideyuki Umezu
Voice Actor (English) Rob Mungle
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Caron (カロン Karon?) is a Poet working under Comte de Saint-Germain. He entered in D'Eon's home in search for information only for him to hang his maid. When he was caught by D'Eon's group, Durand tortured him by slicing his legs in an attempt to get information. Eventually he was released by Durand, and he returned to his 'masters' - which included Duc d'Orléans and is the real reason Durand set him free- only to be whipped and have his loyalty questioned. Afterwards, he attacked D'Eon while under a black robe to hide his scars, but is killed by Lia. His dying words curses the rich for ignoring the poor, and promises a change in France. It included insulting D'Eon and claiming that modern knights are nothing but parasites.