Count Cagliostro
Count Cagliostro
Name in Japanese カリオストロ
Rōmaji Translation Kariosutoro
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Nobuyuki Kobushi
Voice Actor (English) John Gremillion
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Lorenza (wife)
Status Active

Count Cagliostro (カリオストロ Kariosutoro?) is a part-time peddler, part-time alchemist working under Comte de Saint-Germain. His real name is Giuseppe Balsamo and he was first seen selling perfumes in Russia. A rather aloof and debaucherous man, Cagliostro has acquired a taste for fine liquor wherever he goes. He describes his life as a 'comedy on stage', and tells Lorenza that he will create 'a high class tragedy' instead. Later he switches alliances, betraying Saint-Germain and working for Maximilien. At the anime series' end, when Robin takes up Maximillien's name to lead a revolution, he is seen standing behind him supportively.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Cagliostro is based on the historical figure Alessandro Cagliostro.