D'Eon de Beaumont
D'Eon de Beaumont
Name in Japanese デオン·ド·ボーモン
Rōmaji Translation Deon do Bōmon
Debut (Anime) Episode 01
Debut (Manga) Volume 01
Appears in Anime, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yūki Tai, Akio Nojima (Old D'Eon)
Voice Actor (English) David Matranga, Ted Pfister (Old D'Eon)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives King Louis XIV (father)
Lia de Beaumont (older sister)
Maximilien Robespierre (paternal half-brother)
Affiliation/s King's Secret
Status Active

D'Eon de Beaumont (デオン·ド·ボーモン Deon do Bōmon?) is a member of the King's Secret, working in the shadows to keep the peace within French society.

When his sister suddenly turns up floating down a river in a coffin with 'Psalms' written on it, D'Eon is thrown into a deadly struggle with revolutionaries and supernatural forces in order to uncover the truth behind her death.

Shortly after the beginning of the series, D'Eon is possessed by his dead sister's spirit, who manifests herself during combat and constantly mentions taking her revenge.


D'Eon is a kind-hearted man, with a strong sense of duty and love for justice. Being fiercely loyal to France and the French King, he can get angry towards anyone who questions their honour.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Ubukata had difficulty using a single character to portray D'Eon's complexity, so he opted to create two characters instead - D'Eon and his sister, Lia - and linked them together using "an occult process". Director Furuhashi mentioned D'Eon's "transformation" into Lia was different in earlier concepts; "His hair would grow longer and he'd turn into a woman. Meanwhile, his rosary would morph into a sword." Furuhashi worried that "D'Eon wouldn't be the historical figure anymore; there wouldn't be any point", so they conceptualized a less-fantastic transition between the two characters.[1]



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