Dauphin Auguste
Dauphin Auguste
Name in Japanese オーギュスト
Rōmaji Translation Ōgyusto
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masami Suzuki
Voice Actor (English) Luci Christian
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives King Louis XV (grandfather)
Queen Marie (grandmother)
Duc d'Orléans (great-granduncle)
Status Active

Dauphin Auguste (オーギュスト Ōgyusto?) is the young Louis XVI, grandson of King Louis XV. He is observant to Anna's moods, and she frequently describes him as a clever boy. He does not want to sit on the throne, but at the end of the series he is seen doing so with Broglie at his side with a determined look as he accuses the rebels for his grandparents deaths and starts to execute them with beheading's during his reign.

If he is anything like Louis XVI of France, he would eventually become the husband of Marie Antoinette in his young adult life.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

He is loosely based on Louis XVI of France.