Duc d'Orléans
Duc d'Orléans
Name in Japanese オリアンス
Rōmaji Translation Oriansu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ryusaku Chijiwa
Voice Actor (English) Jason Douglas
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives King Louis XV (nephew)
Queen Marie (Niece-in-law)
Dauphin Auguste (great-grandnephew)
Status Active

Duc d'Orléans (オリアンス Oriansu?) is Duke of Orleans and brother of Louis XIV, making him Louis XV's uncle. In the anime he has dark hair and wears a flashy red coat. At one time in the anime he calls Louis as inferior to his father, though the king retorts with a joke instead. Marquise de Pompadour once said that Orleans can make the people of France love him, but he himself does not understand them. Though he was stripped of his title early in the anime, he is far from defeated, managing to even capture D'Eon near the end of the series.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

This character is loosely based on Philippe II, Duke of Orléans.