King George III
King George III
Name in Japanese ジョージ三世
Rōmaji Translation Jōji san sei
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yoshihisa Kawahara
Voice Actor (English) Blake McMahon
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Queen Mary Charlotte (wife)
Status Active

King George III (ジョージ三世 Jōji san sei?) is the King of England and husband of Queen Mary. George III meet the French agents during a party at his court. He is as calm as King Louis, though younger, and it is revealed that he helped back the Revolutionary Order so that he could restore absolute authority back to the Kings.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

George III

George III of England

He is based on George III of England.

Historians describe him as one of the most calm and moderate monarchs in those days but was often demonised in American history books since he was the British king during the Revolution. Many say that the ideas of Enlightment about freedom, equality and anti-monarchy became reality in the newly founded US because of him and actual start of the modern era, although that is open to debate.