King Louis XV
King Louis XV
Name in Japanese ルイ十五世
Rōmaji Translation Rui jyūgo sei
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tetsu Inada
Voice Actor (English) Jay Hickman
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives King Louis XIV (adoptive father)
Queen Marie (wife)
Dauphin Auguste (grandson)
Duc d'Orléans (uncle)
Status Deceased

King Louis XV (ルイ十五世 Rui jyūgo sei?) is the King of France and husband of Queen Marie. He is a charming man with a relaxed manner as he is rarely seen stressed despite the direst situations.

King Louis XIV had foreseen - through the Royal Psalms - that his son would destroy the Royal Family. This is why he had switched the child with another and raised him as Louis XV, while his true son became Maximilien Robespierre.

While he loves his wife, he was unfaithful to her with lady Pompadour and could be her deceased daughter Belle's biological father. Due to this he probably looked in the Royal Psalms and saw that Belle could also be a threat to the royal family and put France in danger as well as ruin his son's chances to be king, as well as a threat to his marriage to Marie and his own family and possibly commanded lady Pompadour to kill her daughter for the sake of France. Lady Pompadour would come to regret her actions as she loved Belle and now her daughter's blood would be on her hands and Marie eventually discovered who Belle's mother is and possibly her father as well.

He is responsible for Anne's, D'eon's betrothed, death as she witnessed him killing his wife and didn't want her telling anyone, too terrified to run, Louis succeeded in murdering her.

He soon dies as his body rots away in his bed after contracting smallpox.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

He is loosely based on the historical King Louis XV.