Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 02
The Four Musketeers
Name in Japanese 四銃士
Rōmaji Translation Yon jūshi
Release Date 2006-08-26
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuyuki Moto
Episode Director Hideyo Yamamoto
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The Four Musketeers (四銃士 Yon jūshi?) is episode II of the 2006 anime series Le Chevalier D'Eon.


Confronted by the transformed Bernis, D'Eon is suddenly possessed by Lia's soul. Lia kills Bernis, but D'Eon does not recall anything that had happened during his possessed state afterward. D'Eon is sent to the palace to recover from his injuries, but leaves right after he awakens. Queen Marie orders her page, Robin, to follow and serve D'Eon. D'Eon and Robin are pursued by false French police, and are aided by a man named Durand. The trio eventually encounters D'Eon's mentor, Teillagory, who joins them and dubs their group "The Four Musketeers". They are then confronted by zombie-like creatures, which are now referred to as "Gargoyles".

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