Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 14
Le Porte-Documents de Robert Wood
Name in Japanese ロバート·ウッドの鞄
Rōmaji Translation Robāto Uddo no kaban
Release Date 2006-11-25
Production Staff
Screenplay Shotaro Suga
Episode Director Shinsuke Terusawa
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Le Porte-Documents de Robert Wood (ロバート·ウッドの鞄 Robāto Uddo no kaban?) is episode XIV of the 2006 anime series Le Chevalier D'Eon.


Guercy and the Four Musketeers execute their plan to make copies of Robert Wood's documents by hosting a dinner party at the French Embassy. Robin steals Wood's briefcase and replaces it with a false one while the latter is distracted by a mock duel being performed by Teillagory and one of Guercy's servants. Durand and Robin look through the papers, but Robin's hand is cursed by a spell cast on one of the papers in Wood's briefcase. Durand attempts to destroy the paper to no avail, and is about to resort to cutting Robin's hand off, but Lia breaks the spell from the other room.

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