Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 16
The Whereabouts of the Soul
Name in Japanese 魂の行方
Rōmaji Translation Tamashii no yukue
Release Date 2006-12-16
Production Staff
Screenplay Yasuyuki Muto
Episode Director Hideyo Yamamoto
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The Whereabouts of the Soul (魂の行方 Tamashii no yukue?) is episode XVI of the 2006 anime series Le Chevalier D'Eon.


Durand is imprisoned and interrogated by Maximilien, who questions Durand's loyalty after receiving the King's order. Meanwhile, King Louis and Marquise de Pompadour find out about possible hostility from England. Count Guercy is told to betray France, and when he seems unmoved by their offers, King George himself comes to convince Guercy. D'Eon and the others resolve to free Durand, and D'Eon approaches Queen Mary to ask for aid, which she grants. D'Eon then finds out that the real Queen Mary had died the previous year, and that her younger sister had used her own body as a vessel for the Queen's soul through the aid of Maximilien, Lia, and the monks at Medmenham Abbey. She asks D'Eon to allow her to speak with Lia, but D'Eon abruptly takes his leave.

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