Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 23
Out of the Deepest Love
Name in Japanese 最愛なる-ゆえに
Rōmaji Translation Saiai naru - yue ni
Release Date 2007-02-17
Production Staff
Screenplay Tow Ubukata
Episode Director Itsuro Kawasaki
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Out of the Deepest Love (最愛なる-ゆえに Saiai naru - yue ni?) is episode XXIII of the 2006 anime series Le Chevalier D'Eon.


Upon witnessing the deaths of the Queen and Anna, Robin shoots at the King, but Broglie protects him and allows him to escape. D'Eon sees another of Lia's memories of her and Maximilien, finding out that he had proposed to her and that she had agreed happily, and that Maximilien disliked the King for keeping him and Lia apart. Maximilien abandoned the King's orders for him to go to Russia, stealing the Royal Psalms and giving them to Lia for her to read instead. While she manages to read the Psalms, she wrote Maximilien a letter claiming that she was unable to do so and rejecting his love. Meanwhile, Maximilien approaches a now hateful Robin, commenting that Robin's ability to actually carry the Psalms is a sign that the Psalms want change to occur in France, and telling him to take revenge for his murdered friends. D'Eon is chased down by palace guards, but Lorenza kills them, and once free he visits Anna's coffin. He then sneaks into Broglie's room and forces him to bring him to the King's chambers. Lia then takes over, asking the King whether he was responsible for the deaths of Anna, Queen Marie, and Lia herself.

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