Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 24
The Word
Name in Japanese 言葉ありき
Rōmaji Translation Kotoba ariki
Release Date 2007-02-24
Production Staff
Screenplay Tow Ubukata
Episode Director Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Hiroshi Kaburagi
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Previous Le Chevalier D'Eon Episode 23

The Word (言葉ありき Kotoba ariki?) is episode XXIII, the last episode of the 2006 anime series Le Chevalier D'Eon.


Louis confesses that he has been behind the murder of Lia all along, and reveals that he also killed Queen Marie and Anna. D'Eon demands an explanation for Lia's death. The King explains that it was to protect the King's secret, revealing that Louis XIV had foreseen - through the Royal Psalms - that his son would destroy the Royal Family. He had switched the child with another and raised him as Louis XV, while his true son became Maximilien Robespierre. Louis also explains that the reason he tried to keep Maximilien and Lia apart was because they share the same father, making them half-siblings. Lia pledges herself to Louis' throne once more, and he asks her to kill him since the Psalms prevent him from taking his own life. Lia refuses, but Maximilien enters with Robin in tow, meaning to kill Louis. Lia moves to protect him but is prevented from doing so by Lorenza and Maximilien. The Royal Psalms resonate and prevents Maximilien from killing D'Eon. Saint-Germain then crashes in through the window and moves to attack Louis, but the King quickly reacts by stabbing him in the shoulder with the Royal Psalms in hand. Saint-Germain manages to grab the Psalm from Louis, but Robin shoots him in the head and Lia uses the brief opening to kill Saint-Germain. Broglie impales Maximilien with his sword, but is blinded by one of Maximilien's Psalms and falls to the floor. Maximilien asks Lia to meet him at "the place where it all began", and walks away. Lia leaves and meets Maximilien at the birthplace of the Psalms, where he finally succumbs to his wound and dies after giving his name and quest for revolution to Robin, destroying the site in the process. Robin notices that Durand's old pocketwatch starts running again, and he runs off with the Royal Psalms, renaming it the "Psalm of the Revolution". D'Eon returns to Lia's tomb and reads the last verse of the Psalm that she had hidden within herself and then sets fire to her body as it floats down the river. The two of them, still sharing his body, then live as a woman and witness the fall of the French monarchy as well as Robin's death by the guillotine. He lives out his remaining days with Charlotte, the former queen of England, recalling his past experiences and the loss of all his loved ones.

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