Name in Japanese ロレンツィア
Rōmaji Translation Rorentsia
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kaori Nazuka
Voice Actor (English) Lesley Tesh
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Count Cagliostro (husband)
Status Active

Lorenza (ロレンツィア Rorentsia?) is a Poet and Cagliostro's alluring partner, though he seems far more interested in wine than in her. Despite her demure appearance, Lorenza is not above being ruthless in using the power of the Psalms to bind or kill anyone who stands in her way. Psalms have been seen on her body, which she can use to control animals. Through the anime she is given more power, though she still remains inferior to Lia's spirit. At the end of the series she is seen standing behind Robin as he takes up Maximilien's name and leads the Revolutionary Order.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Lorenza was based on the historical Lorenza Feliciani, who was Alessandro Cagliostro's wife.