Marquise de Pompadour
Marquise de Pompadour
Name in Japanese ポンパドール
Rōmaji Translation Ponpadōru
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mayumi Yangisawa
Voice Actor (English) Shelley Calene-Black
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Belle (daughter)
Status Deceased

Marquise de Pompadour (ポンパドール Ponpadōru?) is Louis XV's famous mistress, who yearns to reform France. Unlike Marie, she aims for action and radical reforms, not the quiet acceptance of the Queen. Pompadour has her own spies separate from the king's, who report the state of international affairs to her.

It is revealed by Queen Marie that Belle is the late daughter of Pompadour and that Pompadour actually murdered her. Pompadour tells Belle that she strangled her to help change the country. Soon after Maximilien uses the Psalms to break Pompadour's neck.

She killed her daughter because Belle is possibly king Louis's illegitimate child since lady Pompadour was his mistress, Belle's existence might have threatened Louis's son's chance to be king since Belle was also a possible heir to the throne. Not wanting to cause panic in France about who will be the next ruler after him and making sure his son does not have potential competition for the throne, Louis might have ordered Pompadour to kill their daughter, as why Pompadour told Belle that she didn't have a choice and it was for the sake of the country.

She regretted doing it and showed remorse when she reunited with Belle.

It's revealed that Pompadour actually named her "Alexandre" as while queen Marie called her Belle.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

She is based on Madame de Pompadour.