Lorenza 1

Lorenza using the Psalms

Throughout the series, the Psalms are one of the main offensive or defensive moves that most of the characters use. It can also be considered as "dark magic".[1]

Etymology, Meaning and BackgroundEdit

The word Psalms might have come from old English word "psealm", or "salm" , the Church Latin word "psalmus" or the Greek word "psalmos", which means "song sung to a harp".[2]

Psalm means a sacred song; a poetical composition for use in the praise or worship of God. The Psalms are a collection of hymns written in the Old Testament.[3]

According to Ubukata, France at the time of the 18th century was forced to live under the burden of contradictions, which resulted in several tragedies, which also led to him choosing Chevalier D'Eon as the story's protagonist. He also uses that theme in conceptualizing the use of Psalms as dark magic. He said that he "hoped that the irony of using the abstract idea of 'prayers to God' to describe evil would be seen as equally tragic by people of many different faiths and religions."[1]