Pyotr III
Pyotr III
Name in Japanese ピョートル三世
Rōmaji Translation Pyōtoru san sei
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masatoshi Iida
Voice Actor (English) Jose Diaz
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Ekaterina (wife), unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed mother-in-law, unnamed father-in-law
Status Deceased

Pyotr III (ピョートル三世 Pyōtoru san sei?) is Ekaterina's abusive husband and heir to the Russian throne. His aunt was Empress Elizabeth and through his mother side the grandson of Peter the Great. Unlike his grandfather and aunt he was not an ideal type of a monarch. He was an alcoholic and always seem drunk, even when in meetings discussing assassinations. He had a morbid fascination with strangling rats and playing with toy soldiers and is very childish unlike his wife.

He was not only a bad politician, he was also a terrible husband to his wife, Ekaterina. Their marriage was arranged and it was a miserable one as Pyotr abused Ekaterina constantly and blamed her for everything that went wrong.

When Elizaveta died, he was thrilled to finally becoming Emperor as he was part of the assassination of the late Empress. But it all backfired when his wife came into the meeting and had her husband arrested for treason, Ekaterina told him that it was because of his cruelty towards her that gave her the determination to become Empress so the people of Russia won't suffer from his tyranny like how he made her suffer in their marriage.

For conspiring to kill the late Empress Elizaveta, Pyotr was hanged, with one of his toy soldiers fall from his hand to the ground.

As he was being drugged to the rope, he cried pleading for his life. Ekaterina at first felt sympathy for Pyotr, but became cold and bitter again as she knew it had to be done and remembered the abuse he put her through and that he was part of the reason Empress Elizaveta was killed. After his demise, Ekaterina becomes a widow and then was crowned the Empress of Russia.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Peter III of Russia

Peter III of Russia

He is loosely based on Peter III of Russia.

In real life Pyotr ruled for solid six months until his wife dethroned him and there are rumors that he was beaten by chairs until death. However he was really abusive, childish, played with toys and was really strangling rats. Ekatarina described him as an idiot, good for nothing fool and also as zeal and sharp wit in his arguments and actions, incaution and lack of perspicuity in conversation, frankness, goodness, sarcasm, a hot temper, and wrathfullness who had a terrible complexion and drank a lot.