Name in Japanese ロビン
Rōmaji Translation Robin
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Megumi Matsumoto
Voice Actor (English) Tyler Galindo
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Queen of France
Status Deceased

Robin (ロビン Robin?) is the Queen of France's young page who is assigned to assist D'Eon. Despite his age, he is earnest and resourceful, and his loyalty to the Queen and his companions is steadfast. Robin greatly looks up to D'Eon and his friends, and prefers to wield a flintlock pistol in combat. 


Later on in the series, after the death of Durand, Robin becomes very unhappy. He is often seen staring at the watch Durand gave him. At this time he likes to be alone; he prefers not sharing a room with D'Eon or Teillagory and doesn't talk much with them.

After Teillagory's betrayal, he returns to rescue D'Eon. When the Duke of Orleans tries to kill D'Eon, Robin shoots him. However, Teillagory steps in front and dies instead. This breaks Robin even further. The final straw is when he whitnesses King Louis XV with the dead bodies of Queen Marie and Anna Rochefort.

He completely abandons his loyalty to the crown, melting down his NQM cross and turning it into bullets. Robin teams up with Maximilien Robespierre, who gives him his name before he dies. It is seen in the end that Robin became the Robespierre of history and died at the guillotine. He kept Durand's watch until the moment of his death.