Name in Japanese テラゴリー
Rōmaji Translation Teragorī
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Haruo Sato
Voice Actor (English) John Swasey
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Teillagory (テラゴリー Teragorī?) was once D'Eon and Lia's fencing instructor, and is a well-respected knight from the days of Louis XIV. He carries an antique sword which was given to him by Louis XIV, and still holds onto the days of knighthood and honor. Teillagory lost his only son in a war several years prior to the start of the series.


In a later episode, Teillagory is revealed to have been secretly working for the Duke Dorleans who he thinks should be the true king. Teillagory captures D'Eon and helps bring him to the Duke's house.

He tells D'Eon it's because the crown lied to him and it's king Louis that is ruining France. It was because of the war several years ago his son was killed, and it was all for nothing as Louis no longer had respect for the knighthood and honor and since the war France spiraled out of control. That was when he decided to turn against Louis and plotted to dethrone him to save France and avenge his son and fellow knights for Louis's irresponsibility for ruining the country under his rule.

Later, when Robin shoots at the Duke, he steps in front in order to save both the Duke and Robin. ( As Robin would be harshly punished for killing a royal ) and as he died he says, "My son..and my fellow knights...are waiting for me.."

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Ozaki used Anthony Hopkins in Mask of Zorro as the basis for Teillagory's character design.[1]


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