Tsaritsa Elizaveta
Tsaritsa Elizaveta
Name in Japanese エリザヴェータ
Rōmaji Translation Erizeviita
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Atsuko Tanaka
Voice Actor (English) Alice Fulks
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Tsaritsa Elizaveta (エリザヴェータ Erizeviita?) is Empress of Russia, and a close friend of Lia's. She is described to be extravagant, and is first shown refusing jewels due to their small size. In order to meet her, D'Eon and Robin entered a cross-dressing ball, and D'Eon's disguise as Lia effectively draws her attention. Inspired by Lia, whose portrait still hangs in the palace, Elizaveta has hopes of reforming Russia, especially with a women's social status.

It was briefly mentioned that during her reign, she abolished the death penalty. But it was brought back by her friend, Ekaterina, when she executed her husband, Pyotr the third, for being part of the conspiracy of killing Elizaveta.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

She is loosely based on Tsaritsa Elizabeth.