Name in Japanese ボロンゾフ
Rōmaji Translation Boronzofu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Keiichi Sonobe
Voice Actor (English) Paul Oddo
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Vorontsov (ボロンゾフ Boronzofu?) is a Russian spy under the Duc d'Orléans' protection. He is rather stout and has a long beard, but is also a talented swordsmen. To get to France he poses as a fur trader. At one time when he caught D'Eon trailing after him, he asked whether D'Eon was one of 'her' relatives, then dismisses the question as D'Eon "Looks exactly like her". Despite being part of a plot to assassinate the Russian Empress, he seems to grieve her death, and genuinely wishes to do good for his country. At the end he was forced in to fight with D'Eon and explained that even though he wants changes in his country and despise greedy nobles he could not throw away the noble title which his family had for generations. He nearly turned in to a Gargoyle but before he died he imagined Russia and happy times with Empresss Elizabeth.

Creation and ConceptionEdit


Alexander Vorontsov

Vorontsov is loosely based on Alexander Vorontsov.

In real life he lived until 1805. and was an opponent to Napoleon, and it can be assumed his title and job was taken in the anime universe by someone else from his house.